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red blue purple: magic + storytelling community (monthly membership - high vibe subscription option)

Ongoing commitment to the red blue purple community is available for far less than a one-off month. Go for the highest vibe 999 and unlock all the dimensionality as you play with bigger and bigger capacities at the nexus of energy and matter!

If you'd rather try a single month at a time or just to test drive the awesomeness, we get it! You can get that option here

Explore, enhance, and expand your magic!

The human experience in our current time offers a unique, once-in-the-Universe opportunity to get really crazy with new magic beyond anything we have ever dreamt of before!

'red blue purple' is both a parable that explains the opportunity and a community of people who are delighted to explore, enhance, and expand their magic as creators of their lives though endless ever instructive and joyful expressions of our core essence through our creations in the form of our life experiences and in our specific expressions of creativity in the artistic sense with the understanding that art media exists everywhere in our day to day, as alive in the garden as it is on the page or at the easel or behind the camera.

The red blue purple community creates a sacred playground for exploring the end of polarity and hierarchy within our own internal energies and frequencies.

As we dance with The ALL OF ALL inside of ourselves, we increasingly understand new ways to design our lives and our connections with others in ways that enhance the magic and love and light for the highest good of all especially our miraculous Earth Mother.

Many of us may be star seeds or pan dimensional beings but we are all sharing this human experience and DNA during a unique evolutionary leap occurring with the planet and the human species.

What does your sacred ecosystem need to look like within and without to optimize your highest expression of SELF? Want to find out?

The vision and lead frequency for red blue purple comes from Melanie Gillespie and is supported by an amazing team of people who are also choosing lives “Off The Map” at those edges that used to be labeled “Here Be Dragons” as if that was a warning!

We know the truth. We know that is an invitation to the truest opening of ourselves! And, dragons! Ye Gods! Melanie was fostered by them for millennia so she is especially fond of her dragon family and blissed out to share them with you among so many other stories and learnings she is here to create and bring through as activations for you to unlock the magic inside you!

If you'd rather try a single month at a time or just to test drive the awesomeness, you can get that option here. If you'd like to read more about 'red blue purple' check it out here.