The call is free. The clarity is priceless.

Our gift to you, Magical Sacred Darling. Let's rediscover and reclaim you, shall we? Pick a time that works for you below. Remember to load your preferred time zone to make it extra easy on yourself! If you are unsure if this call is a good fit for you, scroll down for more on that. 😘🌀🐲💫💛❤️💙💜💎🌎

This call is specialized for an intellectually gifted human of any gender who is now feeling the call and awakening within of higher purpose.

We all have multiple trajectories always available to us. Calling in and visioning the highest one is super fun and can even be easier for the highly gifted than for others, provided the heart/brain connection is open and the signal to your true self/cosmic self/soul/higher self is clear.

Developing the capacity to then actually ride that pathway is a whole other matter. There are various ways to approach this.

In my deepest work with hundreds of highly gifted women and men and through shorter live engagements with thousands, I use the most powerful combination of science + spirit, research + magic on the planet.

This ensures that you experience an unprecedented acceleration of your own evolution in ways that are joyful, fun, filled with grace and humor, and get you not only tracking more fully on your highest destiny trajectory but rapidly seeing that vision come to fruition in short order.

We offer these free assessment calls to explore what this looks like for you and to then, based on that uncovering, discuss alignment with our services where we deem relevant to do so. These are not old world, high pressure, gimmicky sales calls. Where appropriate, you will be given the opening to work with us. You will never be given an offer and told you have to choose in that moment if you prefer time to process.

These calls are a fit for you when you are fully committed to taking whatever steps are ideal for you to get to your next phase in your journey.

You may be in a space that is devoid of struggle and is simply fully engaged with curiosity and an inner drive to uncover and make real in form your next phase, that is entirely appropriate for this call.

It is not a fit for you if you are struggling to meet your basic needs financially, although it definitely may be if you are struggling to meet your basic needs emotionally and spiritually.

We have so many no-cost resources for you if finances are a current barrier. Please start exploring these here. and know that when you are ready, we are here!

Keep going, wherever you are at.

And thank you for your light in the world.

Let's talk!


A replay of the free Liberate Your Giftedness seminar is available at and other free resources are available at


If no good times are available, you can add yourself to our waiting list. Simply fill out the pre-call questions asked of everyone and ADD IN A NOTE to the first text question you answer with what times/days are best for you and we will get back to you! (and yes, please do fill out the rest of the form, you would do it anyway as part of booking time!)


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