The call is free. The clarity is priceless.

Our gift to you, Magical Sacred Darling. Let's rediscover and reclaim you, shall we? Pick a time that works for you below. Remember to load your preferred time zone to make it extra easy on yourself!

This call is specialized for an intellectually gifted human who is now feeling the call and awakening within of higher purpose. We will get clarity together about what is needed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is not a "pitch" call, as we don't even invite people in to work with us unless we are 100% confident that both the fit (for us as much as for you) and the timing are perfect. It is helpful to understand our offerings are a serious investment of both your time and your financial resources. If this is not possible for you at this time please hold off on using the free call until it is. A replay  of the training is available at and other free resources are available at


In essence, our journeys as gifted humans are about transmuting our materially manifested resourcefulness and gifts into a new experience that has a deeper satisfaction and serves a larger purpose in a manner more truly aligned with our core essence.


If no good times are available, you can add yourself to our waiting list. Simply fill out the pre-call questions asked of everyone and ADD IN A NOTE to the first text question you answer with what times/days are best for you and we will get back to you! (and yes, please do fill out the rest of the form, you would do it anyway as part of booking time!)


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