Hello, Beautiful Star Being!

Thank you so much for your interest in a call with me to assess what’s needed to unfurl the next phase of your beautiful, gifted brain and spirit life!

I have been overwhelmed with requests of late with limited availability to book calls! After 5 years of doing these assessment calls in a certain way, I am now refining this process to ensure the call is the most aligned as possible for those who choose to take that step.

This link will take you to the page to complete the required pre call form and book your time. Bookings require approval before being confirmed and that will be based on your form shared information.This way the call prep form will ensure one additional layer of clarity and enthusiasm for you about our time together or make it clear to you that this isn’t actually what you want at this time BEFORE you commit to a time. Full link also here if you need to copy/paste it: https://www.melaniegillespie.com/assessment

Please also be aware that my services come in both small group and private 1:1 packages which are customized specifically to the individual and range anywhere from 6 weeks to 18 months. The small group program is only for women at this time. My individual work is with women, men, and couples (in life and/or business – but only for those partners who are already strong in their connection and seeking to expand in their creational energy together, it is not a repairing service). The small group program starts at $9k USD and the private work starts at $25k with custom packages in the 5, 6, and 7 figures depending on what we design together.

If what you are creating at this time for your life does not align with investment at these levels, please feel free to access the massive array of no and low-cost resources at www.melaniegillespie.com/luminosity!

With the deepest love,



Melanie Gillespie, MBA    Evolutionary Guide
Storyteller in Residence – Planet Earth 🌀🐲💫💛💎🌎
Evolutionary Guide + Activist for the Emerging Homo Lumens species
Chief Multi Galactic Ass Kicker @ Off The Map w/ Melanie
Pronouns: She/Her 

Ensuring the most highly gifted humans on the planet fully evolve into what they truly came here to be.


A replay of the free Liberate Your Giftedness seminar is available at grooveforgiftedwomen.com/replay and other free resources are available at melaniegillespie.com



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